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Music for Round 30 "Jungle Boogie"

30-Punches-Right-A-Petey Pablo-Show Me the Money

30-Punches-Left-A-A Girl Called Jane-He's Alive

30-Punches and Kicks-Right and Left-B-Kool and the Gang-Get Down On It

30-Punches -Right and Left-B-To Kool Chris-Bump and Grind

30-Kicks-Right-A-To Kool Chris (feat. Outhere Brothers)-Oh Yeah

30-Kicks-Left-A-Bob Sinclar-Rock This Party

30-Punches and Kicks-Right-A-Bel Biv Devoe-Poison

30-Punches and Kicks-Left-A-Michael Jackson-Don't Stop Till Ya Get Enough

30-Turbo-N/A-To Kool Chris (feat. DJ Funk)-Get Funky

30-Turbo-N/A-Bel Biv Devoe-Poison

30-Turbo-N/A-Bob Sinclar-Rock This Party

30-Turbo-N/A part of mix with the doubles/singles jump rope-Avril Lavigne-Girl Friend

30-Recovery-Right-A-Gwen Stefani-Now That You Got It

30-Recovery-Right and Left-B-Fedde Le Grand-Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

30-Recovery-Left-A-Ashley Tisdale-He Said She Said

30-Finale-Both-To Kool Chris-Crazy Noise

30-Finesse-Both-Gia Farrell-Hit Me Up

30-Leg Endurance-Both-Panjabi MC/???-Yaaran Kollon Sikh Kuriye/???

30-Abs-Both-Ashanti-Rock Wit U


Music for Round 36 "Boom"

36WarmupBothCommon (feat. Pharrell)Universal Mind Control
36PunchesRight and Left-BThe Ting TingsThat's Not My Name
36PunchesLeft-ALL Cool J (feat. Richie Sambora)Baby (Rock Remix)
36KicksRight-ARihannaBreakin' Dishes
36KicksRight and Left-BMissy ElliottPass That Dutch
36KicksLeft-ALady GaGaLoveGame
36Punches and KicksRight-Awill.i.amI Like To Move It
36Punches and KicksRight and Left-BSir Mix-A-LotBaby Got Back
36Punches and KicksLeft-ADizzee Rascal (feat. Calvin Harris and Chrome)Dance Wiv Me
36Turbon/aBomfunk MCsUprocking Beats
36Turbon/aDizzee Rascal (feat. Calvin Harris and Chrome)Dance Wiv Me
36Turbon/aKid Sister (feat. Kanye West)Pro Nails
36Turbon/aSir Mix-A-LotBaby Got Back
36Turbon/aMidnight StarOperator
36Turbon/awill.i.amI Like To Move It
36RecoveryRight-AKid Sister (feat. Kanye West)Pro Nails
36RecoveryRight and Left-BDead Or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
36FinaleBothBomfunk MCsUprocking Beats
36FinesseBothKovasWax On Wax Off
36Leg EnduranceBothLady GaGaPoker Face
36AbsBothPrima JTame
36CooldownBothBeyonceIf I Were A Boy


Music for Round 37 "Sweep Da Floor"

37-Warmup-Both-David Rush (feat. Kevin Rudolf, Pitbull)-Shooting Star (Party Rock Remix)

37-Punches-Right-A-Lenny Kravitz-Are You Gonna Go My Way

37-Punches-Right and Left-B-Zhané-Hey Mr. DJ

37-Punches-Left-A-Von Iva-Where You At

37-Kicks-Right-A-Pitbull-I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

37-Kicks-Right and Left-B-Thunderheist-Jerk It

37-Kicks-Left-A-Chelley-Took The Night

37-Punches and Kicks-Right-A-Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow

37-Punches and Kicks-Right and Left-B-DJ Blaqstarr-Shake It to the Ground

37-Punches and Kicks-Left-A-Flo Rida (featuring Nelly Furtado)-Jump

37-Turbo-n/a-Nico Vega-Gravity

37-Turbo-n/a-Lenny Kravitz-Are You Gonna Go My Way

37-Turbo-n/a-Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow

37-Turbo-n/a-UNK (featuring Ying Yang Twins)-Sweep Da Flo'

37-Turbo-n/a-Qyeendom-I'm A Star

37-Turbo-n/a-Scooter-The Question Is What Is The Question

37-Recovery-Right-A-UNK (featuring Ying Yang Twins)-Sweep Da Flo'

37-Recovery-Right and Left-B-Gerardo-Rico Suave

37-Recovery-Left-A-Qyeendom-I'm A Star

37-Finale-Both-Scooter-The Question Is What Is The Question

37-Finesse-Both-Ciara (featuring Justin Timberlake)-Love Sex Magic

37-Leg Endurance-Both-Eminem-We Made You

37-Abs-Both-Nico Vega-Gravity


Music for Turbo Sport 2 "Feel It"

Turbo Sport 2-Warmup-Both-Baby Bash, Angel Dust, and Savage-Wild Out (Chooohooo)

Turbo Sport 2-Punches-Right-A-The Veronicas-Popular

Turbo Sport 2-Punches-Right and Left-B-Duran Duran-Girls On Film

Turbo Sport 2-Punches-Left-A-Beyonce and Shakira-Beautiful Liar

Turbo Sport 2-Kicks-Right-A-DJ Felli Fel (feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Flo Rida, and Pitbull)-Feel It

Turbo Sport 2-Kicks-Right and Left-B-Styx-Mr. Roboto

Turbo Sport 2-Kicks-Left-A-Pitbull and Pharrell-Blanco

Turbo Sport 2-Punches and Kicks-Right-A-Thara (feat. Fat Man Scoop)-Jump On

Turbo Sport 2-Punches and Kicks-Right and Left-B-New Order-Blue Monday

Turbo Sport 2-Punches and Kicks-Left-A-Ciara (feat. Missy Elliott)-Work

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-Klubbheads-Let The Party Begin

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-The Veronicas-Popular

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-Ciara (feat. Missy Elliott)-Work

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-DJ Felli Fel (feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Flo Rida, and Pitbull)-Feel It

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-Thara (feat. Fat Man Scoop)-Jump On

Turbo Sport 2-Turbo-n/a-Pitbull and Pharrell-Blanco

Turbo Sport 2-Finale #2-Both-Klubbheads-Let The Party Begin

Turbo Sport 2-Leg Endurance-Both-Ice Cube-You Can Do It

Turbo Sport 2-Abs-Both-Black Eyed Peas-I Gotta Feeling


Music for Best Of Volume 6  "The 2 Turbos"

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Warmup (R33)-Both-Run DMC-It's Like That

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches (R35)-Right-A-Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand-Let Me Think About It

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches (R36)-Right and Left-B-The Ting Tings-That's Not My Name

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches (R35)-Left-A-Three 6 Mafia-Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Kicks (R36)-Right-A-Rihanna-Breakin' Dishes

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Kicks (R36)-Left-A-Lady GaGa-LoveGame

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches and Kicks (R35)-Right-A-Pitbull (feat. Lil Jon)-Krazy

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches and Kicks (R35)-Right and Left-B-DJ Blaqstarr-Shake It To the Ground

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Punches and Kicks (R35)-Left-A-DJ Laz-Ready To Go

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Flo Rida (feat. Will.I.Am)-In the Ayer

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Sancocho-Tumba La Casa

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Prima J-Boom

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-DJ Laz, Flo Rida, and Casely-Move Shake Drop (Remix)

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Fergie-Labels Or Love

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Nelly/Fergie-Party People

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #1 (R34)-n/a-Lisa Pin-Up-Baddest Motha (Ingo Mix)

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-David Rush (feat. Kevin Rudolf, Pitbull)-Shooting Star (Party Rock Remix)

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-Pitbull (feat. Casely)-Midnight

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-Chelley-I Took The Night

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-Ying Yang Twins-Drop

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-Flo Rida-Right Round

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-SIN-Boom

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Turbo #2 (New)-n/a-Scooter-The Question Is What Is The Question

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Recovery (R36)-Right-A-Kid Sister (feat. Kanye West)-Pro Nails

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Recovery (R33)-Right and Left-B-Fast Eddie-Pump It

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Recovery (R36)-Left-A-SIN-Boom

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Finale #1 (R37)-Both-Scooter-The Question Is What Is The Question

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Finale #2 (New)-Both-Robbie Rivera-Move Move

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Abs (R36)-Both-Prima J-Tame

Best of Volume 6 (R33-37)-Cooldown (R37)-Both-Beyonce-Halo

Music for Round 38  "The Ish"




Soulja Boy and Arab

 Yahh Trick Yahh

38PunchesRight-A DJ Class (feat. Kanye West)I'm The Ish
38PunchesRight and Left-BMichael JacksonSmooth Criminal
38PunchesLeft-ASean KingstonFire Burnin'
38KicksLeft-ALMFAOI'm In Miami Trick
38KicksRight and Left-BRick JamesSuper Freak
38Punches and KicksRight-A LMFAO (feat. Lil Jon)Shots
38Punches and KicksRight and Left-BGreen VelvetShake 'N Pop
38Punches and KicksLeft-APitbullHotel Room Service
38Turbon/aDJ Class (feat. Kanye West)I'm The Ish
38Turbon/aRick JamesSuper Freak
38Turbon/aGreen VelvetShake 'N Pop
38Turbon/aPitbullHotel Room Service
38Turbon/aSoulja Boy and ArabYahh Trick Yahh
38Turbon/aBase AttackNobody Listens To Techno
38RecoveryRight-A Sean PaulSo Fine
38RecoveryRight and Left-BLMFAORock The Beat
38RecoveryLeft-ABaby Bash (feat. Pitbull)Outta Control
38FinesseBothDavid Guetta (feat. Akon)Sexy Chick
38Leg EnduranceBothEaster Dean (Feat. Chris Brown, Nelly, Tay Dizm, Ludacris, Too Short )Drop It Low
38AbsBothShakiraShe Wolf
38Cool DownBothRobin ThickeSuperman
38KicksLeft-AKami JonesPumps
38FinaleBothBase AttackNobody Listens To Techno

Music for Round 39 "Funhouse"




Chamillionaire (feat. Ludacris)

Creepin' (Solo)

39PunchesRight-ABlack Eyed PeasImma Be
39PunchesLeft-AKe$haTik Tok
39KicksRight-ABritney Spears3
39KicksRight and Left-BMadconBeggin'
39KicksLeft-AThree 6 Mafia (feat. Tiesto, Flo Rida, and Sean Kingston) Feel It
39Punches and KicksRight-APinkFunhouse
39Punches and KicksRight and Left-BLMFAOYes
39Punches and KicksLeft-ALivvi Franc (feat. Pitbull)Now I'm That Chick
39Turbon/a3OH3! (feat. Katy Perry)Starstruckk
39Turbon/aBlack Eyed PeasImma Be
39RecoveryRight-ALil Jon (feat. Kree)Give It All You Got
39RecoveryRight and Left-B3OH3! (feat. Katy Perry)Starstruckk
39RecoveryLeft-APitbull (feat. Machel Montano and Lil Jon)Floor On Fire
39LegsBothLady GagaBad Romance
39AbsBothJay SeanDown
39Cool DownBothRihannaRussian Roulette

Music for Round 40 "How Low"




 New Years Anthem

Fatman Scoop feat Dj Class & Disco Fries

40PunchesRight-AFar East MovementGirls On The Dancefloor
40PunchesRight and Left-BHeavy D And The Boyz (feat. Aaron Hall)Now That We Found Love
40PunchesLeft-AHonorebel ft Pitbull & Jump SmokersNow You See It
40KicksRight-AKe$haBlah Blah Blah
40KicksRight and Left-BEminemJust Lose It
40KicksLeft-ARichard Vission & Static Revenger Feat. LuciaI Like That
40Punches and KicksRight-ALudacrisHow Low
40Punches and KicksLeft-ASteve Aoki ft. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]I'm In The House
40Turbon/aDavid Guetta feat. Will.I.Am & Apl de ApOn The Dancefloor
40Turbon/aHeavy D And The Boyz (feat. Aaron Hall)Now That We Found Love
40Turbon/aLudacrisHow Low
40Turbon/aRichard Vission & Static Revenger Feat. LuciaI Like That
40Turbon/aSteve Aoki ft. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]I'm In The House
40RecoveryRight-AO'Neal McKnight Ft Busta Rhymes & Ron BrowzChampagne Red Lights
40RecoveryRight and Left-B11# Major Lazer feat. VYBZ KartelPon De Floor
40RecoveryLeft-ADJ ClassParty Crackin'
40FinaleBothDavid Guetta feat. Will.I.Am & Apl de ApOn The Dancefloor
40Leg EnduranceBothLady Gaga feat. BeyonceTelephone
40AbsBothYo Gotti Feat. Gucci Mane, Trina, and Nicki Minaj5 Star Chick Remix
40Punches And KicksRight and Left-BMcayla SarnoSo Sexy

Music for Round 41 "Fast Life"


41WarmupBothMusic Instructor feat. AbeGet Freaky
41PunchesRight and Left-BPeachesMommy Complex
41PunchesLeft-AFanny PackNu Nu Yeah Yeah
41KicksRight-AMajor Lazer feat. Nina Sky and Ricky BlazeKeep It Going Louder
41KicksRight and Left-BDJ 666Supa Dupa Fly
41KicksLeft-ADavid Guetta and Chris Willis feat. Fergie and LMFAOGettin' Over You
41Punches and KicksRight-ANoisettesDon't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)
41Punches and KicksRight and Left-BArt Vs ScienceParlez Vous Francais
41Punches and KicksLeft-ABad Boy Bill feat. Alex PeaceFast Life
41Turbon/aPicco Vs. Jens OThe Jump Anthem 2010
41Turbon/aThe Chemical BrothersThe Salmon Dance (Crookers Wow Mix)
41Turbon/aFanny PackNu Nu Yeah Yeah
41Turbon/aArt Vs ScienceParlez Vous Francais
41RecoveryRight-ANotty Black feat. T-PainFreaky Song
41RecoveryRight and Left-BThe Chemical BrothersThe Salmon Dance (Crookers Wow Mix)
41RecoveryLeft-AHurricane ChrisHalle Berry (She's Fine)
41FinaleBothPicco Vs. Jens OThe Jump Anthem 2010
41FinesseBothB.o.B. feat. Bruno MarsNothin' On You
41Leg EnduranceBothChristina AguileraNot Myself Tonight
41AbsBothUsher feat. will.i.amOMG
41CooldownBothSara BareillesGravity
41 PunchesRight-AStarStruckParty Up


Music for TurboSport 3 "This Club Can't Handle Me"

Turbo Sport 3WarmupBothPitbullGet Freaky
Turbo Sport 3PunchesRight-ARihannaOnly Girl (In the World)
Turbo Sport 3PunchesRight and Left-BEnur (feat. Nicki Minaj and The Chopper City Boys)Ucci Ucci
Turbo Sport 3PunchesLeft-ALady Gaga (feat. Beyonce)Telephone
Turbo Sport 3KicksRight-ADJ Khaled (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross)All I Do Is Win
Turbo Sport 3KicksRight and Left-BSolillaquists Of SoundsMarvel
Turbo Sport 3KicksLeft-AFlo RidaClub Can't Handle Me
Turbo Sport 3Punches and KicksRight-ADavid GuettaMemories
Turbo Sport 3Punches and KicksRight and Left-BLil Jon and 3OH!3Hey
Turbo Sport 3Punches and KicksLeft-APitbull (feat. T-Pain)Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor)
Turbo Sport 3Turbon/aPitbull (feat. T-Pain)Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor)
Turbo Sport 3Turbon/aRihannaOnly Girl (In the World)
Turbo Sport 3Turbon/aPitbullToma
Turbo Sport 3Turbon/aLil Jon and 3OH!3Hey
Turbo Sport 3Leg EnduranceBothTrinaMillion Dollar Girl
Turbo Sport 3AbsBothChris BrownYeah 3x
Turbo Sport 3CooldownBothNellyJust A Dream

Music for Round 42 "Outta Your Mind"


42WarmupBothDis-N-Dat (feat. 69 Boys and Quad City DJs)Party
42PunchesRight and Left-BKaty PerryHot N Cold
42PunchesLeft-ABrooke Hogan (feat. Flo Rida)Ruff Me Up
42KicksLeft-ALuciana (feat. Lethal Bizzle and Nick Bridges)Go Go Go
42KicksRight and Left-BVIDsDancefield
42KicksLeft-AVanDalism and Chicken LipsDo It Proper
42Punches and KicksRight and Left-BMo-DoEins Zwei Politzei
42Punches and KicksLeft-AMichael FallDrop the Beats
42Turbon/aMo-DoEins Zwei Politzei
42Turbon/aEstelle (feat. Kardinal Offishal)Freak
42Turbon/aBrooke Hogan (feat. Flo Rida)Ruff Me Up
42RecoveryRight-ALil Jon and PitbullWork It Out
42RecoveryRight and Left-BEstelle (feat. Kardinal Offishal)Freak
42RecoveryLeft-ALil Jon and LMFAOOutta Your Mind
42FinaleBothKlubbhoppersRain Again
42FinesseBothDiddy (feat. Dirty Money and T.I.)Hello goodmorning
42Leg EnduranceBothLa RouxBulletproof
42AbsBothKaty PerryCalifornia Girls
42CooldownBothThe Morning StaresBreathe


Music for Round 43 "This Instant"


43PunchesASophia Fresh Ft. T-PainThis Instant
43PunchesB sidesGroove AmadaI See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix)
43PunchesLeft LeadHyper CrushAyo
43KicksRight LeadKe$shTake It Off
43KicksRight LeadKe$shaTake It Off
43KicksB SidesKimberly ColeSmack You
43KicksLeft LeadBodyRox Ft.. LucianaShut Your Mouth
43Punches & KicksRight LeadGet CoolShawty Got Moves
43Punches & KicksLeft LeadTrey Songz feat Nicki MinajBottoms Up
43RecoveryRight LeadN.E.R.D.Hot N Fun
43RecoveryB SidesRob & Chris LennonSuperheld (Mein Club Radio Edit)
43Finalen/aDJ Pauly Beat Dat Beat
43Punches and KicksRight and Left-BJumpsmokers (feat. Alex Peace)Dance Rock Shake Pop
43Turbon/aHyper CrushAyo
43Turbon/aN.E.R.D.Hot N Fun
43Turbon/aKimberly ColeSmack You
43Turbon/aSophia Fresh Ft. T-PainThis Instant
43Turbon/aKe$haTake It Off
43FinesseBothLeighton Meester and Robin ThickeSomebody To Love
43Leg EnduranceBothRihannaOnly Girl (In the World)
43AbsBothUsher (feat. Pitbull)DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love


Music for Round 44 "On the Floor"

44WarmupBothChris WillisLouder (Put Your Hands Up)
44PunchesRight-ADev (feat. The Cataracs)Bass Down Low
44PunchesRight and Left-BScooterShake That
44PunchesLeft-ABasement JaxxMake Me Sweat
44KicksRight-ABritney SpearsHold It Against Me
44KicksRight and Left-BDie AtzenDisco Pogo
44KicksLeft-ABob SinclarSexiest Wine (Tik Tok)
44Punches and KicksRight-APinkRaise Your Glass
44Punches and KicksRight and Left-BBlack Eyed PeasDo It Like This
44Punches and KicksLeft-AKe$haWe Are Who We Are
44Turbon/aBritney SpearsHold It Against Me
44Turbon/aScooterShake That
44Turbon/aJennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)On The Floor
44Turbon/aPinkRaise Your Glass
44Turbon/aBlue Nature vs. DKPlay With Me
44RecoveryRight-AJennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)On The Floor
44RecoveryRight and Left-BB. RichAin't Here To Party
44RecoveryLeft-ACiaraGimme Dat
44FinesseBothFar East MovementRocketeer
44Leg EnduranceBothEnrico PerezTonight (I'm Loving You)
44AbsBothKanye West (feat, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Ron Iver)Monster
44CooldownBothKaty PerryFirework

Music for Round 45 "Pump Up the Jam"


45Warmupn/aBorn This WayLady Gaga
45PunchesRight LeadAkon ft. Pitbull and Jermaine DupriBoomerang
45PunchesB SidesJupiter Rising ft. The Lady TigraWhen the Bass Drops
45PunchesLeft LeadFloRida ft. PitbullTurn Around
45KicksRight LeadKe$haBlow
45KicksB SidesSkiddalzPop Magic
45KicksRight LeadRiahannaS&M
45Punches and KicksLeft LeadTechnotronicPump up the Jam
45Punches and KicksRight LeadTechnotronicGet Up (Before the Night is Over)
45Punches and KicksB SidesDaniel DesnoyerCome On
45RecoveryRight LeadFar East Movement ft. Snoop DogIf I was You (OMG)
45RecoveryLeft LeadBack SeatNew Boyz ft. The Cataracts
45RecoveryB sidesIce MCThink About the Way
45Finalen/aParty Rock AnthemLMFAO
45Finessen/aEdward Maya ft. AliciaStereo Love
45Legsn/aTaio Cruz ft. Travie McCoyHigher
45Absn/aPitbull ft. NayerPearly Gates
45Cooldownn/aAlicia KeysUnthinkable


Music for Round 46 "Hit the Lights"

46WarmupBothHyper CrushKick Us Out
46PunchesRight-ANick CannonFamous
46PunchesRight and Left-BSimon from Deep DivasSweat (Push It Push It)
46PunchesLeft-AZanaThis Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like
46KicksRight-ABeyonceRun The World (Girls)
46KicksLeft-APitbullSomething For the DJs
46Punches and KicksRight-ABritney SpearsUp N Down
46Punches and KicksRight and Left-BJosh StricklandReport To The Floor
46Punches and KicksLeft-ABlack Eyed PeasDon't Stop The Party
46Turbon/aDJ Disciple and Javi MulaHey Sexy Lady
46Turbon/aJosh StricklandReport To The Floor
46Turbon/aBeyonceRun The World (Girls)
46Turbon/aPitbullSomething For the DJs
46Turbon/aZanaThis Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like
46RecoveryRight-AJay Sean (feat. Lil Wayne)Hit The Lights
46RecoveryRight and Left-BDJ Disciple and Javi MulaHey Sexy Lady
46RecoveryLeft-ABritney SpearsI Wanna Go
46FinaleBothDirty BoyzBoom (Shake The Room)
46FinesseBothNew School CrewWhere Dem Girls At
46Leg EnduranceBothFar East MovementCandy
46AbsBothJason DeruloDon't Wanna Go Home
46CooldownBothBully BoyzGive Me Everything (Tonight)

Music for Round 47 "Sexy and I know It"

47Warm Up Nicki Minaj/ Wil i. amCheck it Out
47PunchesRight ABritney SpearsBig Fat Bass
47PunchesRight and Left B Distortion
47PunchesLeft AFar East MovementMake It Bump
47KicksRight ALMFAOSexy and I Know It
47KicksRight and Left BFMZGet Down to This
47Punches and KicksRight And Left BAfrojackTake Over Control
47Punches and KicksRight and Left BChonique SneedPop Drop and Roll
47Punches and KicksLeft ALady GaGaJudas
47RecoveryRight-ACataracsTop of the World
47RecoveryRight and Left BKevax & 740 BoysShimmy Shake
47RecoveryLeft -ALMFAOChampagne Showers
47FinaleRight and Left Steve AokiTurbulence
47Legs Sean KingstonSleep All Day
47Abs Mike PosnerPlease Don't Go

Music for Round 48 "I got them moves"

48Warm UpDavid Guetta Ft Little Wayne and Chris BrownI Can Only Imagine
48PunchesRight AFar East MovementGo Ape
48PunchesRight and Left BKemal GoldenLet Your Fist Pump
48PunchesLeft -ATiestoC'mon
48KicksRight and Left BCrookersBust Em Up
48KicksLeft -AMaroon 5Moves Like Jagger
48Punches and KicksRight ADEADMAU5Sofi Needs a Ladder
48Punches and KicksRight and Left BKanye WestThe New Workout Plan
48Punches and KicksLeft -ABrokencydeShake
48RecoveryRight-ATimberland feat PitbullPass At Me
48RecoveryRight and Left BInteractiveElevator Up and Down
48RecoveryLeft -AAlexandra StanMr. Saxobeat
48FinaleRight and Left Freakstyle Deejay TeamBoom Da Bass
48FinesseCobra StarshipYou Make Me Feel
48LegsLady GaGaEdge of Glory
48AbsPitbull/Marc AnthonyOver Me
48Cool DownPinkPerfect
48KicksRight-AKat DeLunaDrop It Low

Music for Round 49 "I Go Hard"

49Warm UpBothRihanna (feat Calvin Harris)We Found Love
49Punches Right ASnoop Dog (feat David Guetta)Sweat
49Punches Right and Left-BSidney Sampson (feat Twista)Shake That Thing (Riverside)
49Punches Left ALil JonDrink (feat LMFAO)
49Kicks Right AWill. I. AmForever (feat. Wolfgang Gartner)
49Kicks Right and Left BLucianaI'm Still Hot
49Kicks Left AFlo RidaGood Feeling
49Punches and KicksRight AFar East MovementJello
49Punches and KicksRight And Left BCalvin HarrisBounce
49Punches and KicksLeft ANaughty By NatureGet To Know Me Better (feat. Pitbull)
49RecoveryRight ADeve & Matizz feat. BlackShark and Kimmy ParisEveybody
49RecoveryRight And Left BI Go Hard
49RecoveryLeft APitbullWe Run the Night
49FinaleRight and Left FlashriderAttenzione
49FinesseJesse JDomino
49AbsSelena GomezLove You Like a Love Song
49Cool DownKaty PerryThe One That Got Away

Music for Round 50 "Pretty Girl Shake It"


50Warm UpWideboys & MajesticIn the VIP
50PunchesRight AWILL.I.AM feat. Jennifer Lopez & Mick JaggerT.H.E. The Hardest Ever
50PunchesRight and Left BMarco FrattyPretty Woman
50PunchesLeft-AHyper CrushBoom Box
50Kicks Right AMadonnaGive Me All Your Luvin'
50Kicks Right and Left BGirls In Love
50Kicks Left ALMFAOPut That A-- to Work
50Punches and KicksRight AThe Rangers FEAT. NICK CANNON & FATMAN SCOOPPretty Girl Shake It
50Punches and KicksRight and Left BQuintino, The PartysquadFire
50Punches and KicksLeft-AHyper CrushWerk Me
50RecoveryRight and Left-AJayZ & Kanye WestN----- in Paris Bounce (All I Do Is Party)
50RecoveryRight and Left BDJ Mustard PimpFigaro Fist Pump
50FinaleRight and Left Andy Whitby, Scot Fo Shaw & Leon BHead Funka
50FinesseBreathe CarolinaBlack Out
50LegsLMFAOBest Night
50AbsMindless BehaviorGirls Talkin Bout
50Cool DownRihanna You Da One


Music for TurboSport 4 "Super Bass"

Turbo Sport 4Warm UpFar East Movement2gether
Turbo Sport 4PunchesRight-ADavid Guetta Where Them Girls At
Turbo Sport 4PunchesRight and Left -BLMFAOGet Crazy
Turbo Sport 4PunchesLeft-APitbull & Ne-YoGive Me Everything
Turbo Sport 4KicksRight APitbull & Marc AnthonyRain Over Me
Turbo Sport 4KicksRight and Left BDaft PunkTechnologic
Turbo Sport 4KicksLeft-AInnaClub Rocker
Turbo Sport 4Punches & Kicks RIght- ANicki MinajSuper Bass
Turbo Sport 4Punches and KicksRight and Left- BTim James, NevermindTwist My Hips
Turbo Sport 4Punches and KicksLeft AWynter GordonTil Death
Turbo Sport 4RecoveryDo It Like This
Turbo Sport 4Finale 1Warp BrothersBlast the Speakers
Turbo Sport 4Finale 2I Wanna Do It
Turbo Sport 4AbsRihannaWe Found Love
Turbo Sport 4LegsDavid Guetta Little Bad Girl
Turbo Sport 4Push UpsDavid Guetta Without You
Turbo Sport 4Cool DownNellyJust a Dream

Music for Round 51 "Glad you came"

51Warm UpLMFAOLivin My Love
51PunchesRight AKimberly Cole & Eddie AmadorYou Make Me Wanna
51PunchesRight and Left BSimon From Deep DivasDisco Dancer
51Punches Left ANiki MinajStarships
51Kicks Right ADacav5 Dirty Style
51Kicks Right and Left BPartysquadMy Bad
51Kicks Left AJump SmokersWe Got That Smoke
51Punches and KicksRight AMadonnaGirls Gone WIld
51Punches and KicksRight and Left BSidney Samson & Lil JonMutate
51Punches and KicksLeft APitbullRock The Boat
51RecoveryRight APitbullBack In Time
51RecoveryRight A and BWILL I AM & LIL JONIt's Your Birthday Trick
51RecoveryLeft AT-Pain feat. Ne-YoTurn All The Lights On
51FinaleRight and Left Crazy
51FinesseThe WantedGlad You Came
51LegsCalvin HarrisFeel So Close
51AbsKaty PerryPart Of Me
51Cool DownGym Class HerosA** Back Home
51FinesseThe WantedGlad You Came

Music Database (PDF file) up to Round 57


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